Custom Acrylic Embedments

CUSTOM acrylic embedments permit us to completely design a piece to your requirements. This option allows the most specific expression of your message.  We are happy to assist you according to the information you can provide.  Whether you require or just desire that extra dimension to your piece, acrylic embedments offer a unique "floating" look at a reasonable price that always captivates.

ALL acrylic embedments are custom made to order and require a quote.  Please see our QUICK QUOTE FORM.

09-06  Acrylic State shape with full color graphics

09-13  Cut acrylic cylinder embedment

09-15  Cast oil Barrel with drop commemorative

09-16  Cut acrylic cylinder award with globe on bottom

09-19  Acrylic award with metal casting embedded

09-22  Acrylic Cube commemorative with stone embedded

09-24  Acrylic Obelisk award with gold plated key

09-27  Beveled elongated hex acrylic award with sandblasted squares

09-29  Acrylic Block with heart valve embedded

09-39  Acrylic lightbulb award on base

09-41  Acrylic Pyramid commemorative with vial embedded

09-42  Beveled acrylic rectangle with embedded card insert

09-44  Acrylic Diamond award on base with embedded graphics

09-55  Acrylic embedment with various glass vials of fluid

09-56 Custom acrylic product replica

09-57  Acrylic Toaster model casting

09-58  Acrylic brick arch model commemorative

09-59  2 piece puzzle design with cutout logos inside

11-03  Acrylic puzzle piece award

11-05  Acrylic Block of ice with graphics embedded

11-11 Acrylic sculpture award

11-20  Acrylic Contemporary star award on base award

11-25 Custom acrylic, metal & wood award

11-38 Slanted cube acrylic paperweight embedment

11-48  Acrylic Donor Award block with radius edges & pink crystal inside & printing on top

11-50  Acrylic Donor award block with radius edges & blue crystal inside & etching on top

11-61 Fireman hat commemorative

11-64  Acrylic Block with embedded soda can

137316 Custom acrylic award

63367B  Standing acrylic rectangle with rounded edges and oval top with graphics


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